Operations Rules - Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations by David Simchi Levi


"From managing risk by focusing on flexibility to choosing the right IT investments, this book can help companies navigate today’s supply chain challenges and achieve a quantum leap in operations performance."

Hasso Plattner
Co-Founder of SAP and Chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board

"This well written book provides guidelines that can help managers address today’s business challenges such as risk and market volatility. We have already implemented many of the ideas and concepts in our operations and supply chain practice and the payoffs have been significant."

Narendra Mulani
Managing Director
Accenture LLP.

"This book provides a broad range of important concepts in operations and supply chain management that are practical and useful both for management and for practitioners. Having implemented some of the ideas in this book, my team at Pepsi Beverages Company achieved remarkable results in a short amount of time with a small financial investment."

Paul Hamilton
VP Supply Chain Strategy & Logistics
Pepsi Beverages Company

"Companies today are faced with an increasing number of choices in operational and supply chain strategies. This book goes beyond just showing how to make the right operational decisions. It makes the critical link between operations and providing more value to customers. It’s a must read for anyone involved in operations and strategy."

Jim Champy
Coauthor of Reengineering the Corporation

"David Simchi-Levi musters a set of powerful arguments for matching operating strategy to the demands of a particular product or market, this in an era when one-size-fits-all often leads to disaster. Along the way he offers a lesson- and example-rich tour of some of the best current thinking on supply chain management, making the case for why operations is critical to overall corporate strategy."

Walter Kiechel III
Author, The Lords of Strategy

"Our team has found the concepts in the book highly applicable to our supply chain and operations strategy as well as to the issues we experience. In particular, the innovative approach to flexibility has triggered interesting discussion in our organization. This book will definitely help organizations to strengthen their operations strategy."

John J. Grimaldi
Former Executive Vice President
Michelin North America, Inc.

"David Simchi-Levi has delivered a written tour-de-force offering deep insights on the most recent concepts of operations and supply chain management and illustrating them with numerous and diverse real-life examples. David’s perspective is unique and offers a brilliant blend of theoretical insights as well as pragmatic advice for company management to consider the impact of operations on their strategy. The most effective way to add flexibility into the supply chains is not often the most intuitive!"

Pierre Haren
Former CEO of ILOG, currently Vice President
IBM Software Group.

"The book provides a comprehensive overview on the evolving complexity of different Supply and Value Chains models. Hybrid approach, integration of risks into operations and recognizing the barriers to success are my main practical learnings."

Laurent Foetisch
VP Supply Chain
Merck Serono